Thursday, 6 December 2018

My work

For inquiry the year sevens have been making sculptures. My sculpture is of a trophy and a heart. I made this for my class. The trophy shows that we are the best and the heart shows that we love each other. I made it out of clay.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Laura and Apete and Tyson and Fredrick and Miss Allen

We were playing bingo with our group.

We needed to wait for the person to say the
word. We have to put the counter on the word.
When someone said bingo they won and they
got a prize. In the end we were good  and we
were happy. Fredrick was cheating in the game
and Apete was laughing in the game. Tyson
was laughing at Fredrick. Fredrick was laughing
too. Apete was cheating too. Fredrick won 1st
place and 2nd was Apete. 3rd was Laura and
Miss Allen was 4th. Tyson came 5th and that
was the story of our bingo game.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

attitude . org nz

Attitude is AWESOME!  Today we covered a number of things that happen during puberty.

  • Grows on different parts of the body
  • If you want to shave hair you need to ask you parents

  • Keep it clean
  • It’s good to use moisturizer

  • It’s important to wash everyday because we are starting to sweat now
  • We use antiperspirant - to help stop sweating

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