Friday, 9 February 2018

how to save money

How can we save money .Image result for moneyImage result for money

1. we have to save money because we have to work . For example wen . i clean
My kitchen and my lounge and my mum give me $2 .

2. We have to bye. some food and we have to bye. are. house for us and bye some spoons and fork and some knife
Because we work and to get money

3. We have to save money because  we
Have to  we have no money we not have food and money .
Money . $Image result for moneyImage result for money

  1. I can save money  for my family and my brothers and sisters and to get money 20$ because get money .   

2. I save money for people had no money
And i don't care . i just give it for people .

3. To get money you can do  jobs for people  and money we have to find homeless people to get money for them  .

4. We like to help homeless people we like to help. Tham  and  to give. tham food
And we like to give. Tham money and. They we buy are homes for tham and buy food.

5. We got 2 money  and we spend your money and you got no money for your family and your family be sad and they we be homeless people that.  Why  we had to
Find jobs.

6. Why people is  poor because they poor and they got no money no food no house to live in  we not poor and we got money and i got $20 Image result for new zealand money
Now we got money and we not poor some people have no money and i feel sad for them and i get money for them and they feel happy for that and they buy they there house and food and they buy their spoon fork knife

2. That end   

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