Monday, 12 June 2017

look out

 Locked out .

Mum came home after work.
Sally came home with her .
Mum looked in her bag.
Wheres my key said mum it not here we
Are locked out is a window open said sally
No said mum all the window are  shut.
Mrs james -next-door has a key said sally.
She has gone out for the day said mum l saw her go . l have got a key said sally
I hid it in safe place . where said mum
Its in a good safe place said sally come with me mum. Sally andmum went into the shed wheree the key said mum. i cant see it . sally said im pleased you cant see it .
i had it in a safe place. Look in the box mum said sally l cant see the key said mum
Good said sally look at the flower pots mum . mum looked at all the flower pots .
I cant find the key she said.

Where is it sally . look inside the brown pot
Said sally that one . here the key said mum sally you are a help let go and open
The door said sallly

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  1. Hi Laura
    Thanks for sharing your scary story. Keep it up!
    Miss T.A