Wednesday, 14 June 2017

the dentist

The Dentist
I  am going to see the dentist
To look at my teeth
Mum will stay here in the waiting room.
The nurse helps me to get up onto the big chair i can see some pink mouthwash .
I can see a  tray with some instruments
On it . the dentist puts on his make and his gloves. . then he makes the chair go back
I look up at the light the dentist puts some glasses on me so that the light will not hurt my eyes
The dentist looks inside my mouth he looks at all my teeth he finds a hole in one of my back teeth.
I have to stay very still the dentist makes my tooth go numb so that it will not hurt my mouth goes numb too. The dentist cleans out the hole in my tooth with the drill then he fill the hole .
Now l can wash out my mouth with the pink mouthwash .
Then the dentist shows me the way to brush my teeth look funny .

The dentist shows me the way to brush my teeth look funny . the dentist helps me to brush my teeth too. I run to mum and l  show her where the dentist filled my tooth .  


  1. Another GREAT story Laura. Excellent work!

  2. hi laura great gob keep it up.